Tuesday February 26, 2013 – Travel to Owerri

Today was a very long day.  What we thought was going to be a 6 hour bus ride from Abuja to Owerri turned into nearly 10 hours.  We did stop along the way for lunch – interesting selection of local foods.  Most of us had fried chicken with rice.  And there was traffic.

The highlight of the day was the very warm welcome we received from the Rotary Club of Owerri. We are in Owerri to visit a project funded, with a Rotary Foundation Matching Grant, by the Rotary Club of Libertyville Sunrise (D-6440).  The Rotary Club of Owerri meets on Tuesday nights and scheduled their meeting and fellowship right next door to our hotel.  Every member greeting us with “You Are Welcome” including one Rotarian who first greeted us in her native language (Nigeria is a country of many languages with English being the common and legal language).  They toasted us with wine, sang and voiced our praises and were just so happy that our team came to Nigeria for polio immunization.  Several of us were moved to tears by their voices raised in song.

What a wonderful way to end the day.


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