Sunday February 24, 2013 – Arrival Abuja

Ten of us arrived in Abuja today. Our 11th team member is currently in Tanzania and will join us Monday. Seven of us flew through Frankfurt and 3 flew through Paris. 9 of us got our baggage – 1 suitcase is missing in action. We hope it will show up Monday.

Rotarian Rose Ugorji, together with 3 armed Nigerian policemen, met us at the Abjuja airport. Rotarian Rose is the PolioPlus chair for her state. We loaded everyone and everything into our 25 passenger mini-bus and off we went on the journey from the Abuja airport to the city. Along the roadside we saw a lot of cars and a lot of people, but we were travelling too fast to see what they were doing. And dusk was approaching with a hazy sky and not a lot of street lights.

The Hotel De Bently in Abuja is relatively new and the staff is trying hard to please us. They had no rooms with 2 beds so we took an extra room so that our two single men could each have their own room. We ate dinner in the hotel just to be expedient, and the dinner experience taught us to leave plenty of time for breakfast tomorrow morning even though it is a buffet breakfast.

I think everyone is tired. We’ll get a fresh start in the morning with 2 important visits – WHO (World Health Organization) and NPHCDA (National Primary Health Care Development Agency) – to learn the current state of polio immunizations and eradication in Nigeria.


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