Monday March 4, 2013 – Travel to Enugu

Monday, March 4, Good Bye Benin City, Hello Enugu

Our first stop was at the Oji River Leprosy Center.  Despite everyone’s apprehensions of entering this facility it was a wonderful experience.  The residents appear happy and are well cared for.  Approximately 120 “inmates” reside there (Not my choice of words).  The Anglican Church started this community many years ago.  As we toured, we found that the community seems to be self-sufficient, growing fruits and vegetables and raising chickens and turkey.  We expected to see deplorable conditions but this site was clean and free of garbage.  Pumps provide fresh water from a bore hole to an overhead water storage concrete building.  They have toilets and showers in a building funded by the World Bank.  The Rotary Club of Enugu has a commitment to refurbish one to two buildings a year.

We came here to immunize children against polio and that we did to about 30 children.  These children are the offspring the residents of this community. They are healthy and happy kids. After the immunizations, rice, yams, eggs and flour were handed out to the residents.

Next we arrived at the Guest House at the University of Nigeria in Enugu.  We had some difficulties with our rooms (no water, AC) but the staff worked to resolve these issues.  We slept fairly well. (At least I was free of flea bites that had plagued me in Benin City.)

That evening, we attended a fellowship event hosted by the Rotary Club of Enugu.  We all were made to feel very comfortable and the camaraderie was shared by all.  We presented our club banners to the club president and sang a lot of songs with them.

After the club fellowship, we returned to the university compound for a dinner of – rice and chicken!


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