Nigeria Polio Immunization Program to Nigeria 2013

endpolionowRotarians from the United States and Sweden went to Nigeria in February-March 2013 to join with Nigerian Rotarians and local health workers in immunizing children ages 0-5 against polio.  This is part of Rotary International’s commitment to END POLIO NOW.  Beginning with the first administration of oral polio vaccine in 1979 to children in the Philippines, Rotary International has  been an active participant in the Global Polio Eradication Initiative together with project partners World Health Organization, UNICEF, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control, and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

We were in Nigeria for 11 days immunizing children during the National Immunization Days March 2-5, 2013, and visiting Rotary-sponsored projects in Rotary District 9140 in the central and southeast part of Nigeria.

Each day has a separate tab above.

16 Responses to Nigeria Polio Immunization Program to Nigeria 2013

  1. Paul Schmidt says:

    God Bless you in the wonderful ministry He has provided that reaches futher than any of us can imagin. Paul

  2. Mary Beth Seiser says:

    My thoughts and prayers will be with you and your team. Be safe.

  3. Michael LeTourneau says:

    Stephen be safe my friend! A great mission and a fabulous experience!

    BG Rotary

  4. Andrea Pechter says:

    Andrea Pechter says;
    i hope you are safe and are having a wonderful experience.

  5. Naomi Rubin says:

    We are thinking about you and wishing you and all the Rotarians good luck on your mission. The world needs more people like you who continue to help save the world. Naomi and Ted Rubin

  6. Liz Williams says:

    Our hearts and prayers are with you for a safe trip. Stay healthy. We’re all looking forward to your report about your grand adventure when you return. Liz Williams

  7. Hello Paul,
    God bless you for the help that you are giving to the kids of Nigeria. Polio Immunization is the only way we as Rotarians can totally wipe out polio. Be careful and safe and walk with God’s Grace.

  8. Gloria Kaiz says:

    Thank you for all that you do–stay safe
    Love, Gloria and Shelly

  9. Lewe Okereke, MD says:

    March 1, 2013
    Thanks to Carl, and the entire group for their tireless effort to make the ardous journey for sake of polio eradication in Nigeria. The hub of resistance is mostly in the North of the country. East and West of the country are more receptive. Safe return. If you can andhave time, there is a big Rotary
    aided project 50-60 miles south of Enugu, my home in at MBALA ISUOCHI Abia State. Best.

  10. Bob Parfitt says:

    Well done guys. Missed you this year lots

  11. M.S. Subramaniam says:

    It is a great pride to join the team for the good cause to mankind. Our contribution towards our polio programme and the International Community justifies the Polio initiative. Keep the Rotary spirit burning.

  12. Lynn Clevenger-I would like to on the 2014 trip to stamp out polio whatever country is chosen

    • Lynn E. Clevenger says:

      I traveled to Nigeria many years ago. I spent 2 week as a Flight Attendant flying bush tribal leaders on their return from Mecca. I am very versatile and want to help you in Nigeria. I want to be of service where it’s needed. I’m in good health, have traveled to many countries all over the world and have been in many different cultures. Also, I have traveled on 4 mission trips. I want to make a difference being a Rotarian.
      Sincerely, Lynn Clevenger

  13. Riccardo Boehm says:

    Riccardo Boehm – I would also like to go on the 2014 stamp out polio trip.

    • Lynn E. Clevenger says:

      Yes, Yes, Yes. I would be honored and fill I would be an excellent candidate for this opportunity.

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